Susan Thomson
2024, Ireland, France, United Kingdom, 100 min

This film is no longer available
The Swimming Diaries book has been exhibited and sold in art galleries, including X Initiative, New York, the Tate Modern, London and artbook@MoMA PS1, New York, where it also sold in the Modern Art Museum PS1 bookshop from 2010-2016, and it is currently held in the collection of the Live Art Development Agency, London. The Swimming Diaries is a memoir, exactly 25,000 words long, and each word represents a stroke, that is the 25,000 metres or strokes I swam during the month when my Mum was dying. The film translates my book again, back into movement, hovering between experimental conceptual documentary and fiction, exploring memory and grief. It is a hybrid film using dance, and original music in the form of choral, orchestral and drone soundscape, as well as pop music. The Swimming Diaries is structured like a piece of music, with refrains and repetitions, and the many translations it offers point also to the transformation from life to death.
100 min
Ireland, France, United Kingdom
Jennifer DunbarNew Decade TV and FilmsSusan Thomson
Festival Screenings
  • Dublin International Film Festival, Ireland, 2024, Reel Art Award, Official Selection, World premiere
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