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Karim Ali
2023, Germany, Egypt, 65 min

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The Children behind Zalaga presents a gripping story of South Sinai's child camel racers. It sheds light on the oldest camel race in Egypt, the Zalaga camel race. Behind this prestigious event are hundreds of children, some as young as seven years old. These children often come from impoverished families and are lured into the industry with the promise of money or other incentives. As a result, their education and overall well-being are severely compromised. Despite efforts by international organizations and governments to eradicate child labor in the camel racing industry, the practice persists in some parts of the world, highlighting the need for continued action and awareness. The film captures the highs and lows of the camel racing industry through the eyes of these children.
65 min
Germany, Egypt
Abdullah MostafaRolling Narratives
Abdullah MostafaRolling
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