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Alexis Guillier
2023, Germany, France, 61 min

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An investigation into the accident at the "Purgatoire" discotheque in Beirut in 1968 during filming of "Kolouna Feda'iyoun" (1969) by Gary Garabedian, who died in the fire. The film supported the Palestinian resistance, and the scene of the accident depicted an attack on a Tel Aviv nightclub.Like many places in the world, 1968 was a crucial year in Lebanon. The impact of the Six-Day War and the victory of the Fedayeen in Karameh is very strong. The influence of Fatah and the PLO was also strong, and popular support for the fedayeen's actions seemed unwavering. This is the reason why the "freedom fighter" figure, ready to die for the Palestinian cause, has reached a quasi-mythical status at the time, especially thanks to the intense communication policy of Fatah and the PLO. The film "Purgatoire" explores this context and its direct links to the genesis and production of the film Kolouna Feda'iyoun. 
61 min
Germany, France
Arabic, French, English
Patrick LiwitzkiForecast
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