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Hans Peter Böffgen
2023, Guatemala, Germany, 92 min

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As a film student, Hans Böffgen visits Guatemala for the first time at the end of the 70s, shoots a documentary, then documentaries and feature films there every 2 years. He first lived on a coffee plantation on Lake Atitlan, with Edgar, later acquires a small plot of land builds a house. A small paradise. He sees his future in Guatemala. The civil war and the murder of Edgar, the owner of the coffee plantation, shocks Böffgen, but he continues to work. After the end of the civil war, Hans Böffgen returns to Guatemala more frequently for various film projects, shooting documentaries and feature films.The film "Volcan Paraiso" shows in the form of a collage of old and new film footage of Böffgen, his dichotomy: the beautiful country - the brutal history of the country.All this is told by the "Tree of Knowledge", and the indigenous marimba player Antonio, with whom Böffgen has been friends for a long time.And Böffgen with his camera, between despair and enthusiasm.
92 min
Guatemala, Germany
Böffgen HansTonfilm Frankfurt

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