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Hasta que se apaque el sol

Jonas Brander
2023, Colombia, Germany, 90 min

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After the signing of the Peace Agreement in 2016, Luz, a mother who is fighting for justice in the extrajudicial killing of her son, and the indigenous leader Albeiro face assassination attempts, a rising violence and growing impunity in Colombia. Luz is denouncing the systematic state crime through art and theatre, as well as using legal means in her intent to bring former president Alvaro Uribe to an international court. She got nominated for the Peace Nobel Price. Albeiro is the coordinator of an unarmed self-defence unit of the Nasa tribe, which has been caught in the crossfire of conflict between the guerrilla, paramilitary groups and state repression. The NASA defend their territory by liberating land from multinational companies, and organizing protests for peace and territorial controls against mining and drug-trafficking groups. “Until the sun dies” tells the condition of a whole country: The beauty of life and resistance falling in a heartbeat into death and destruction.
90 min
Colombia, Germany
Leonie PokuttaCatalina Florez Ibarra
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