Felix Meyer-Christian
2023, Germany, 93 min

This film is no longer available
The Afro-German actor Helen Wendt takes the audience on a journey along her family history between the GDR, Mozambique and West Berlin, while exploring her identity and personal independence. In a hybrid approach, the film simultaneously follows members of independence movements in Mozambique, South Sudan, Great Britain, Catalonia and Bavaria, asking what it means for people to fight for their freedom. What does independence truly mean and how do colonialism and racism, the causes of many independence movements, define the world to this day?While learning more about Helen’s past through encounters with her mother in Berlin and her father and half-sister in Maputo, the camera embeds within angry protests, portraits emotional reports of politicians, freedom fighters, refugees and ordinary citizens, and unites the polyphonic narratives at Black Lives Matter protests in Berlin. The film combines the multilayered approach with scenes of a choreographic installation in which Helen performs
93 min
English, German, Portuguese, Nuer
Felix Meyer-ChristianCosta Compagnie
Festival Screenings
  • Film Festival Max Ophuels Price, Germany, 2023, Documentary Competition
    - Best Documentary – Film Critics' Award & Best Music in a Documentary – Jury's Award
Felix Meyer-ChristianCosta
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