Marc Schmidt
2023, Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, 82 min

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How many hours did you sleep last night? Do you count things for no reason? In the western world, prevention plays a leading role in mental health. Instead of curing people, the goal is to prevent them getting a disorder by collecting enormous amounts of data. In the film this development is being questioned. In three stories - in The Netherlands, Norway and the USA, we observe different stages of prevention: from children at primary school that get an ‘early intervention’ to prevent anxiety at a later age, to a former psychotic that tries to avoid a new psychosis. A next level is reached in Florida where a world without friction is build in order get everybody happy. The protagonist are being measured and questioned all of the time. The film itself questions the questions: what are you measuring when collecting the data about our mental state? Do we get happier when there is no friction, no insecurities and imperfection at all? What gets lost in this quest for our optimal selves?
82 min
Netherlands, Norway, Belgium
Norwegian, English, Dutch
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  • Netherlands
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