Exhibition : La Mobilière

Temporary exhibition
From 11.4.2024 to 14.3.2025
Opening hours: 7:30 to 16:30
Free entrance

La Mobilière : Chem. de la Redoute 54, 1260 Nyon

Visions du Réel and la Mobilière are joining forces to present a new common project: an exhibition which will be visible in the Nyon spaces of La Mobilière until March 2025. This immersive dialogue between the artists Ishita Chakraborty and Elisa Larvego weaves together stories of migration, solidarity and powerlessness.

Passages – Elisa Larvego and Ishita Chakraborty”

Through distinct approaches, yet connected by a certain familiarity, Ishita Chakraborty and Elisa Larvego explore questions linked to movement and migration, marginalisation, power dynamics and the voicelessness this engenders, but also solidarity and humanity. How can the tales of migrants and their complex journeys, the real and symbolic borders, be embodied? In the works which are part of the Passages exhibition, the two artists set out to separate word from image, thereby reinforcing the tangibility of the stories and the lives they represent. What arises is a more emotional, sensitive and inward-looking understanding, with each piece an attempt to (re)create the essential links between us all.
In her photographic and cinematographic work, Elisa Larvego (born in Puplinge in 1984; lives and works in Geneva) is interested in the link between places and people, in particular marginalised groups and peripheral regions, such as border areas. Since 2016, she has been demonstrating the solidarity that exists between exiles and volunteers through various projects in France. Her video piece, Des allers vers, is being shown at the la Mobilière management headquarters in Nyon, along with photographic works.
Ishita Chakraborty (born in West Bengal, India, in 1989; lives and works in Zurich and West Bengal) is exhibiting work including her subtle piece Mute tongue, an audio graph sculpted from ceramic which reproduces the testimony of Farid, an Afghan migrant seeking paradise. The fragility of this work reflects a sensitivity and a profound sense of solidarity with those that society neglects. Ishita Chakraborty explores this theme through a range of media, including painting, installations, drawing, poetry, and sound. She was nominated for the Prix Mobilière 2024.

Designed in collaboration with la Mobilière, the exhibition will be accompanied throughout the year by a varied programme.