Morning Talk 1 : Staging in direct cinema

SUN 10.04 | 10:00-11:30am | La Colombière | Free entrance

Nothing could be further from the truth than the notion of direct cinema, conceived as the ability of filmmakers to choose the right focal length, to place themselves at the right distance and press record at the right moment. Yet the old “cinéma vérité” now seems to be part of the collections of the imaginary museum of documentary practices, which have renewed their inspirations through the hybridity of forms. But if staging is no longer banished from the field of the documentary, in what cases does it impose itself ?

Tizian Büchi (L’Ilôt)
Jannes Callens (Dor (Longing))
Jakob Krese (First Package for Honduras)
Luka Papić (Without)
Lydie Wisshaupt (Eclaireuses)

Moderator : Violeta Bava