Pau Faus
Spain | 2023 | 74 min
World premiere
Languages : Spanish, Catalan
Subtitles : English, French

On the outskirts of Barcelona, a farmer and his herd live next door to a hi-tech lab that does animal testing. The farmer—who is suffering from a bone disease—witnesses the disappearance of his profession, while the scientists are busier than ever. With humour and elegance, Fauna intertwines the world of humans, animals and science during pandemic times.

It is summer; a heron is standing in a river. On the banks, a man and his dog are sitting peacefully. Alerted by the sound of bleating, they set off to rescue a goat trapped in a pit, before rejoining the herd. As the camera slowly zooms out, we are suddenly transported into another world: a hi-tech laboratory, staffed by people wearing full protective gear. They are busier than usual, working on the development of a vaccine against Covid, with the help of extensive animal testing. An opening lift reveals goats staggering down a corridor, evoking the first, lost goat. In a few minutes and with a skilful and elegant construction, Pau Faus sets the scene, revealing an unusual form of neighbourly relations in a forest on the outskirts of Barcelona: “It’s as if we were living in prehistoric times, while they are in space.” By composing precise shots and with the help of a cheerfully humorous montage, Fauna interweaves the world of humans, animals and science in pandemic times.

Emilie Bujès

Fauna, 2023
Ada For Mayor, 2016
Sí se Puede. Seven Days at PAH Barcelona, 2014


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