Zid smrti, i tako to

Mladen Kovačević
Serbia, Croatia | 2016 | 61 min
World premiere
Language : Serbian
Subtitles : English, French

In a region steeped in history, a lost country: former Yugoslavia. Brankica lives the nomadic existence of sellers of entertainment and “dreams”, follow- ing the rhythm of the fairgrounds; a modest routine built on repetition. She relentlessly roams the “wall of death” on her motorbike, defying gravity and time since childhood, for the duration of the show, over the time of a passage. But her brothers are now dead, or have been injured, and the glory days seem gone. Like the perspective of a child who has grown up, the excitement has given way to fear and to the urgency of necessity. Successfully reflecting the heavy and internal vibrations of a world and the characters that inhabit it – notably with the help of a treatment of sound that is as delicate as it is personal – Mladen Kovacevic draws, a few years after Unplugged (VdR 2013), a new benevolent and visionary portrait of adventurers seemingly condemned forever to ride or fall.
Emilie Bujès


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