How I Survived the Pyongyang Film Festival 3D


Martin Hans Schmitt
2022, North Korea, Germany, 75 min

This film is no longer available
The stereoscopic animated documentary “How I Survived the Pyongyang Film Festival 3D” describes the personal experiences of the documentary filmmaker Martin Hans Schmitt,who took part in the Pyongyang International Film Festival in 2018. It is a travel film, duringthe course of which it gradually reveals how the dictatorship of Kim Jong-Un shapes thelives and thoughts of North Koreans right down to the smallest private niche, and alsogradually influences the filmmaker too, increasingly creating the impression that we are observing a real-life satire. The plasticity of the 3D image emphasizes the puppet-like quality which North Korea generates in Western observers, thereby giving an impression of witnessing a theatrical performance.The film score processed the retro-futuristic appearance of the capital of NorthKorea. To do so the composer worked with sci-fi music elements from the 1960s and North Korean pop and karaoke sounds.
75 min
North Korea, Germany
English, German
Schmitt Martin
Schmitt Martin Martin
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