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Und ruhig fließt der Rhein

Oliver Matthes & Klotzsch Volker
2021, Germany, 105 min

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Only another day, then Caroline will be perfect. The woman in her mid-fifties is lying on her hospital bed, looking towards a bright future. For the first time in decades Caroline feels whole. But that moment breaks before Caroline can enjoy it. Immediately after her gender reassignment surgery, Caroline receives a message that her father is going to die. The childhood trauma of her old self, which has been locked away for many years, breaks open on a massive scale. The fragmentary memories of those places on the Middle Rhine where she was abused as a child and teenager increasingly haunt Caroline's presence. Caroline seeks help from a psychologist. In weekly therapy sessions, she embarks on a journey to come to terms with the bad memories and pain that her inner child has experienced. Together with them, the viewer plunges into Caroline's inner life in order to understand her pain. And to understand that Caroline is not an individual fate.
105 min
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