Morning Talk 5 : About casting: choosing characters to embody a story

THU 14.04 | 10:00-11:30am | La Colombière | Free entrance

The practice of casting, so common in fictional cinema, seems more problematic when it comes to filming reality, which seems far from the techniques of the Actor’s Studio or the Stanislavski method. It is, however, essential to a whole area of real cinema, as soon as “actors” are going to carry a story and embody it. Does the choice of characters come into play at the location scouting stage, the shooting stage ? Unless those who are to become protagonists appear without warning on the editing table ?

Zaynê Akyol (Rojek)
Paul Heintz (Character)
Jonathan Perel (Camouflage)
Francisco Javier Rodriguez (Jaime)
Wang Chun-Hong (Far Away Eyes)

Moderator : Jordan Cronk