VdR–Pitching is an international co-production and financing forum that reveals a selection of feature length projects. Ready to be launched into production, they combine artistic ambition and international potential.

The Pitching offers the participants the opportunity to present and to thoroughly discuss the form and content of their projects and to find out which contexts and collaborations might be the most relevant for them. Through a live presentation and roundtables with decision makers as well as specific individual meetings, the Pitching encourages international co-productions and helps to finance outstanding film projects addressing an international audience. Every year, international juries are invited to give various awards.

Visions du Réel is thrilled to share its 2022 project selection.
16 projects are invited to participate to VdR–Pitching:

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The programme of the presentation will be as follows:

VdR–Pitching 1 – Monday 11.4

1. Future Tenses
2. Donga
4. Becoming Roosi
5. Rodeo Queens

VdR–Pitching 2 – Tuesday 12.4

1. The Monsters
2. Anatomy of the Night
3. Abandoned
4. Bestiari, Erbari, Lapidari
5. A Dog’s Life
6. Girl-Tubers

VdR–Pitching 3 – Wednesday 13.4

1. To Use a Mountain
2. Faded
3. Karatara – “Place of Deep Shadows”
4. Wider Than the Sky

If you are interested in attending the event as a professional, please contact us directly. VdR–Pitching is primarily open to the project holders and various decision makers, including potential co-producers, TV commissioning editors, sales agents and different funds representatives.

Our call for projects is now closed. If you wish to submit a project, our next call will be open in September 2022.

For further information regarding this activity, we invite you to read our Terms and Regulations.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at industry@visionsdureel.ch


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