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Maja Classen
2024, Germany, 74 min

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Sparks fly, when Puck and Jasko carefully explore their naked bodies, while asking consent for every kiss and touch. Sex worker Jorge admits, how shy he feels towards porn performer Bishop, on whom he’d had a crush for ages, Bishop smiles and suggests to tab into that. The gender queer couple Kate and Adrienne are ending their polyamorous relationship, but since they still share a strong sexual bond and caring love, they dive into a bittersweet encounter full of joy and gender-play.The experimental documentary TRUTH OR DARE, is not only an unseen snapshot of a moment of time in Berlin, it also offers a fresh and intimate perspective to the political discussion about gender diversity and sexpositivity.
74 min
Saralisa VolmPOISON GmbH
Patrick Dettenbach-VolmPOISON 40056388
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