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Die richtige Haltung

Jonas Hermanns & Ole Steinberg
2023, Germany, 89 min

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In the 18th century, showmen with mechanical miniature mines increasingly appeared at the Leipzig Fair. For a small donation, they provided information about underground mining work. The miniatures were carried on the backs of their owners and were therefore also referred to as “hump mines”.In many cases, the showmen were invalid miners whose exhibits displayed their former workplace. Although the miners had been deformed by their former profession, they still felt connected to it.“The upright stance” is a film about the history of the mining industry in Saxony, but also about the formation of a professional identity and the worker's relationship to their (wage) labor. Which attitude is the right one depends on the perspective. The hump of the invalid miner Reinhardt will certainly have a different answer to this question than the head that goes with it.
89 min
Jonas HermannsAcademy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM)Ole Steinberg
Festival Screenings
  • Zeughauskino, Cinematheque of the "German Historical Museum", Berlin, Germany, 2023, "Glück auf! Mining in German Film"
  • Duisburger Filmwoche 2023, Germany, 2023, Official Selection
Ute DilgerAcademy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM)
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