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Die fabelhafte Welt des Dr. Cadéot

Ulrike Pfeiffer
2023, Germany, 85 min

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In the sparsely populated Gascony region in the South-West of France, Dr. Jean Cadéot is not just any veterinarian. He is something special, inimitable, exemplary: "Il est une vedette", people say. The stories that are told about him are entwined around him like a laurel wreath. He risks the extraordinary to help, doesn't play by the rules, takes the direct route, which makes him credible in every situation. Cadéot is over 90 years old and still working. He enjoys it and is happy to do it. His slender figure and quirky ideas are reminiscent of Karl Valentin. He lives with his older brother and sister-in-law in a big old house. They are joined by Lily the goose, a small flock of sheep, the picturesque landscape and the light of the South-West. Cadéot's world is full of moments that trigger associations and challenge the cinematic possibilities. His fondness for Jean de la Fontaine opens up a glimpse into the world of fables.
85 min
Matthias GrevingTagtraum/Kinescope
Natalie WeberSaarländischer
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