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Echt. Jetzt. PENG.

Hartmut Seifert & Katja Schupp
2024, Germany, 110 min

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Peter Engelhardt, "PENG", once a well-known designer, dedicated his life to collecting everyday culture from the 50-70s, 30,000 objects. But the more he collected, the more space he needed and the less money he had. The last stop for now: a rundown mine, rainwater and theft the biggest enemies. Most people would despair in the face of this. Not PENG. One minute the debt collection agency calls, the next he is at a flea market buying a mannequin with his last penny. One minute he cries about a theft, the next he is devoting himself to his "transformations" - his feminine side. Having just drawn water from the vats in the depot, a little later he is planting flowers with his 96-year-old mother. And: holds her hand as she dies. The conferencer of a forgotten world Peter is the captain ready to sink with his ship, ultimately convinced: miracles are possible.A film about our ability to accept those who are different, and a recipe how to deal with the challenges of aging and everyday life
110 min
German, Polish
Katja SchuppaugenAUF! Filmproduktion e.K.
Katja SchuppaugenAUF! Filmproduktion
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