Ten Lives of a Cat: A film about Chris Marker


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Matthew O'Toole
2022, United Kingdom, 121 min

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Ten years after the death of iconic French filmmaker, Chris Marker. This filmmaker, hoping to rediscover that unique sensibility against the uncertainty of the new century. Returns to the places synonymous with those incomparable and unforgettable films. From the cat cemetery of Sans Soleil, to the mausoleum of The Last Bolshevik. The caves of Level Five, to the rooftops of The Case of the Grinning Cat. All the while, casting a biographical portrait and thematic rerun, of one of the 20th centuries greatest and most misunderstood filmmakers.
121 min
United Kingdom
English, Korean, Armenian
Matthew O'Toole
Matthew O'Toolematthew_otoole@hotmail.co.uk07898369642
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