Binha Haase
2022, Germany, 18 min

This film is no longer available
As an experimental hybrid between ancient mythology and the present, LAMENTO deals with the discursive limitation of female voices. A politician, an actress, a mother and a scientist hold feminist monologues on a revolving stage about the reality of their professional and private lives as women. The text material is taken from a selection of current lectures and interviews by public women. The constant rotation of the stage always pushes one into the picture and withdraws another from the camera, thus interrupting her monologue. The result is a fluid multi-perspectival, intersectional feminist dialogue that criticises the stereotypes of their social roles. With its protagonists, the film translates four of the most prominent female figures of ancient mythology, who were deprived of their voices in different ways, into the present. LAMENTO raises the question to which extent the narration of these ancient images of women still affect the discursive limitation of female voices today.
18 min
Binha Haase
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