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Christoph Fleischer
2023, Germany, 91 min

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Far from the sea, theatre engineer Elias builds a fully functional steampunk submarine on his courtyard. Smiling in his eye-catching jumpsuit with NASA and Sea Rescue patches, he is about to weld some metal parts onto his sub. His friends Jim and Nico are fascinated by the idea and help him.70-year-old artist Jim advised Elias: „Don‘t fix cars, but rather do something in life that you really feel like doing.“ A clear message for someone as technically gifted and ambitious as Elias. Nico‘s missions on the Mediterranean remind Elias of their shared experiences in sea rescue, where everything is about helping others. But isn‘t there a contradiction between self-realization and selfless-action?ABOUT WATER AND DREAMS is a philosophical journey that questions the meaningfulness of our actions and dares to dream publicly in our dreamless society.
91 min
German, English
Christoph Fleischersleep/wake films
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