michael Petrolini
2021, Italy, 73 min

This film is no longer available
Rent Strike Bolognina gives voice to the residents of Via Serlio 6 in Bologna, Italy. In response to the economic struggles brought by the Covid-19 pandemic, in March 2020 they decide to unite against the greed of the landlord, in order to see their right to have a house fulfilled against those who speculate on primary needs. Inspired by the international “Rent Strike” movement born in the USA, Rent Strike Bolognina becomes the first and the most extensive rent strike caused by Covid-19 in Italy. Among the deserted streets of a city brought to its knees, the plasters of Via Serlio 6 become the symbol against the rotten-born structure of real estate speculation in Italy. Rent Strike Bolognina begins with banners proudly flying from the windows of thirteen apartments, and nearly fifty people not paying their rent, and continues in the efforts of empowering a community. This documentary was filmed and directed by Michael Petrolini, one of the residents personally involved in the protest.
73 min
Michael PetroliniMiguel Gatti
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