Mizu no oto – The Sound of Water


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Mizu no oto – Der Klang des Wassers

Edith Jud
2024, Japan, Germany, 110 min

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The Japanese myth of origin describes the emergence of the islands from the sea, the original religion Shintoism, is based on the equality of man with all elements. The film builds on these two themes and traces them in the present. It asks what it means when nature is just as imperfect as man. How do people deal with it? How does it feel to live on a restless earth surrounded by huge masses of water in the wild Pacific Ocean - for a long time closed to strangers and their influences. At the same time, the Japanese rulers undertook their own campaigns of conquest and annexed Okinawa, for example. On its journey through four climatic zones, the film visits original places, observes people who live traditional occupations and rents in today's everyday life. Observes them working, enjoying and celebrating.Encounters women and men who are committed to combating the destruction of nature - and the film looks in wonder at incidents along the way.
110 min
Japan, Germany
German, Japanese, English
Edith Jud
Edith Judeju_dok@mailbox.org+4915140768801
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