OSCAR (Russia,Germany,France)



  • Evgeny Tsymbal, Alexander Smoljanski


This crowdfunded project is the story of one of the most famous living Russian artist, Oscar Rabin, who challenged the Soviet communist system and managed to prevail. In 2018 he turns 90. In 1974, he organizes a prohibited open-air art exhibition, which the KGB smashes using bulldozers. This is considered the most effective action of the civil disobedience in the USSR after Stalin’s death. The following day, the event was publicized worldwide. Shortly thereafter, he was exiled from the USSR and stripped off his citizenship. Having settled in France, he managed to gain international fame with his paintings. In 2006, the Soviet ambassador to France visits him at his Paris studio and personally returns his passport. It is a refugee success story of a man who always fought to show how powerful a weapon nonviolent resistance can be, a man who lived his life in accordance with the principle adopted by GULAG prisoners: don’t trust, don’t be afraid, don’t ask.
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Length: 90'
Another length: 52'
Country: Russia, Germany, France
Year: 2018
Language(s): Russian
Premiere status (in January 2018) : World Premiere
VdR edition : 2018


Alexander Smoljanski

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Alexander Smoljanski
Tel. +491723130673


Watch the film on the Media Library, from 13 April to 21 July 2018, only for Industry accredited professionals. www.visionsdureelmedialibrary.ch