Habitat (Germany)



  • Emerson Culurgioni, Jonas Matauschek


The bench from which the former miner watches life on the shores of Geiseltal Lake is an excellent observation post. In the same way, the directors of Habitat have chosen the best point of view for each shot, thus composing extremely clear and precise pictures in this artificial environment whose surroundings are still under construction. In this way, they have mapped out the territory whose perimeter is marked out by this closed expanse of water, always seeking to make life emerge where we expect it the least. In a static, cold frame, it is a fairly real imagination that thus appears. At the end of a street of neatly lined houses, a small train full of visitors appears, out of place. A tree at the end of the lake seems to blossom with the shells all over its branches. A shark tries to come out of the water… Like the ornithologist who is watching out for the appearance of migrating birds of shimmering colours in this grey wasteland, we are led to look for the strange and the stranger, to cast another perspective on this a priori gloomy site which, little by little, reveals itself to be completely inhabited.

Madeline Robert

Section: Regard Neuf
Length: 79'
Country: Germany
Year: 2017
Language(s): Kurdish, English, German, Arabic
Premiere status at VdR: World Premiere
VdR edition: 2017
Stephan Helmut Beier (ROSENPICTURES Filmproduktion GbR)
Ray Peter Maletzki (ROSENPICTURES Filmproduktion GbR)
Sales Contact
Stephan Helmut Beier
ROSENPICTURES Filmproduktion GbR
Tel. +491743218233


Language(s): Kurdish, English, German, Arabic
Subtitles: English, French
  • Mo 24 April
  • 19:00
Capitole Leone

Followed by a discussion

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  • Tu 25 April
  • 21:30
Colombière Grande Salle
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