Dragan Wende – West Berlin (Serbia,Germany)

Dragan Wende – West Berlin

Dragan Wende – West Berlin

  • Dragan von Petrović, Lena Müller


The fanciful Dragan Wende, a Yugoslavian immigrant, began his career in the West Berlin of the 1970s. During the crazy years of the Ku’damm, the part of the city where all excess was allowed, he was the king of the night. With his improbable appearance, a look without hang-ups and a thick Yugoslavian accent, Dragan takes us into his past with humour and mischief. But he also lets us into his present, a little like the way in which he welcomes us in his apartment, which has become a mess that looks like a boudoir from another time. With the fall of the Wall, everything changed: the golden age of disco is over and Dragan, an ageing bachelor, now lives from small jobs and leads a life stripped of the splendours of yesteryear. He delivers a tragi-comical account that sometimes comes off like vaudeville, juxtaposing the history of Yugoslavia, a once politically emancipated country in the East, with that of Berlin, a liberated city in the West.

Jasmin Basic

Section:  Focus Serbia
Length: 87'
Country: Serbia, Germany
Year: 2013
Language(s): Serbo-Croatian, English, German
Premiere status at VdR: Swiss Premiere
VdR edition : 2018


Lena Müller  (von.müller.film)

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Dragan von Petrović


Language(s):  Serbo-Croatian, English, German
Subtitles:  English, French
  • Fr 13 April
  • 16:00