Bakhmaro (Georgia,Germany)



  • Salomé Jashi


A journey into a lively but rotting building – a microcosm intruded by the constant anticipation of change. A three-story brick building in a provincial Georgian town. At the center of the building is a restaurant whose walls are covered with bright green and orange plastic foam and where tables are set, waiting for customers – who rarely come. Just like customers, change also comes rarely here. Just like the others in the building waitress Nana and her boss are waiting… This building, which resembles Noah’s Ark, is a microcosm, a model of this troubled country with its endless demonstrations and opposition rallies. On the backdrop of political events, somehow, all of life is here.
Section:  Focus Georgia
Durée: 58'
Pays: Géorgie, Allemagne
Année: 2011
Langue(s): Géorgien
Statut de première à VdR: Swiss Premiere
Edition VdR : 2015


Heino Deckert  ( Filmproduktion)
Anna Dziapshipa  (Sakdoc film)

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Heino Deckert
Deckert Distribution
Tél. +49341 2156638


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Langue(s):  Géorgien
Sous-titres :  Anglais, Français
  • Ma 21 Avril 2015
  • 21:00