How do we understand the changes we observe in a territory, and how do we describe how we feel about them? Taking the Swiss Alps as a field of experimentation, Les montagnes tombent (2021) explores our relationship to landscape through the prism of its representation. The Alps are rooted in a long visual tradition which, from Romanticism to the present day, has made them a place of desire and projections. If the ideal of a pristine nature remains in the collective imagination, looking at images of today’s Alps forces a penetrating observation of what we call the Anthropocene: unbridled tourism, hydro-electric industry, melting glaciers. A mastered nature, an omnipresent human infrastructure. Through a pictures reading, the protagonists of the film propose a critical but sensitive approach, in which the notions of identity, home and memories are intertwined to some inevitable sense of loss.
Jornod Christelle
Dilger Ute