VdR–Industry Talks is a panel of discussions inviting various protagonists of the film industry to get together and exchange ideas and opinions around important issues.

Always revolving around the latest burning questions in the field, the talks represent a crucial moment of confrontation and interaction, an opportunity to lay everything on the table and unfold the most urgent topics step by step.

Talk 1: Filmmaking and Resistance

Two masters of non-fiction filmmaking will meet and discuss in this panel session. One of them is working and living in the very country he questions, the other one is forced to live in exile because of his positions and films. A conversation with two filmmakers in resistance.

Vitaly Mansky,
Film Director
Avi Mograbi, Film Director

Orwa Nyrabia, Artistic Director, IDFA (The Netherlands) and Producer

Talk 2: Film Festivals, Distribution and Strategy – One Year Later

In light of the reflections we initiated last year on the different alternatives that festivals have chosen to undertake under corona-times (namely festivals going online, cancellations, and postponements), we aim this year to gather some prestigious festival representatives alongside further market players to consider what happened in the past 12 months, what kind of decisions were made, and which effects they had. The Festival Directors of major festivals of the beginning of 2021 – i.e. Sundance Film Festival and the Berlinale – will meet with important sales and distribution representatives in order to understand the role of festivals in today’s market strategies. 

Carlo Chatrian, Artistic Director, Berlinale, Germany
Tabitha Jackson, Festival Director, Sundance Film Festival, USA
Jason Ishikawa, Senior Executive, Cinetic Media, USA
Hédi Zardi, CEO, Luxbox, France

Finn Halligan, Screendaily

Talk 3: Filmmakers and Producers at Work

A panel focused on the situation that filmmakers are facing now and might have to deal with in the near future. The discussion will be specifically focused on the work, the shooting conditions, the changes and adjustments needed. How can filmmakers adapt (or not) to new realities? Filmmakers, directors and producers are exchanging on these topics. 

Gaston Solnicki, Film Director, Argentina
David Epiney, Producer, Alina Films, Switzerland
Myriam Sassine, Producer, Abbout Productions, Lebanon 

Francesco Giai Via, Venice International Film Festival, Italy

Film Festivals under Corona-times #1

Film Industry under Corona-times #2

Filmmaking and film development under Corona #3