Green Jail Yin-Yu Huang Taiwan VdR–Pitching vdr-pitching
My Father from Sirius Einari Paakkanen Finland VdR–Pitching vdr-pitching
Limbo Tamara Stepanyan France, Armenia VdR–Pitching vdr-pitching
Roped Frédéric Favre Switzerland VdR–Pitching vdr-pitching
From Cremona To Cremona Maria Averina Bulgaria, Italy VdR–Rough Cut Lab vdr-rough-cut-lab
Solar Manuel Abramovich Argentina VdR–Work in Progress vdr-work-in-progress
O.F.W. – Overseas Filipino Worker Yoon Soa Belgium VdR–Pitching vdr-pitching
The Pioneers' Palace Ana  Tsimintia Georgia, Lithuania Focus Georgia focus-georgia
Here I am... Here You Are Raed Rafei Germany, Lebanon VdR–Work in Progress vdr-work-in-progress
God Israel Pimentel Chile VdR–Pitching vdr-pitching
Tariela, Tariela Giorgi Mrevlishvili Georgia Focus Georgia focus-georgia
The Station Salomé Jashi Georgia, Germany Focus Georgia focus-georgia
City of the Sun Rati Oneli Georgia Focus Georgia focus-georgia
Love Song. Pastorale. Tinatin Gurchiani Georgia Focus Georgia focus-georgia
Didube, The Last Stop Shorena Tevzadze Georgia Focus Georgia focus-georgia
Time Between Olive Trees Fanny de la Chica Spain, Germany VdR–Rough Cut Lab vdr-rough-cut-lab
Picnic in Tel Aviv Anat Even Israel, France VdR–Work in Progress vdr-work-in-progress
The Crime of the Salinas Lucas Distéfano Argentina VdR–Work in Progress vdr-work-in-progress
In Praise of Nothing Boris Mitic Serbia, Croatia, France VdR–Pitching vdr-pitching
It's Going to Burn Their Wings Jérôme le Maire Belgium, France VdR–Pitching vdr-pitching
Time for Burma Valeria Testagrossa, Nicola Grignani & Andrea Zambelli Italy VdR–Pitching vdr-pitching
Red Fury Hatuey Viveros Lavielle Mexico VdR–Pitching vdr-pitching
Global Family Köhler Andreas Germany, Netherlands VdR–Pitching vdr-pitching
City of the Lost Caesars Francisco Hervé Chile VdR–Work in Progress vdr-work-in-progress
About Heaven Stéphane Goël Switzerland VdR–Work in Progress vdr-work-in-progress
Inkotanyi Christophe Cotteret Belgium, France VdR–Pitching vdr-pitching
The Festival of Lies Sílvia Subirós Mercader Spain VdR–Work in Progress vdr-work-in-progress
Wild Blood Jérémy Perrin & Hélène Robert France VdR–Rough Cut Lab vdr-rough-cut-lab
Cargo, Lost & Found Biljana Tutorov Serbia, Germany VdR–Rough Cut Lab vdr-rough-cut-lab
The Other Movies Aurelio Medina & Daniel Garcia Spain VdR–Rough Cut Lab vdr-rough-cut-lab
Wild Blood Jérémy Perrin & Hélène Robert France VdR–Pitching vdr-pitching
The Color of the Chameleon Andres Lubbert Belgium, Chile VdR–Pitching vdr-pitching
Errantes Camila Rodríguez Triana & Hermes Paralluelo Colombia VdR–Pitching vdr-pitching
Hotel Machine Emanuel Licha France VdR–Work in Progress vdr-work-in-progress