Zaineb Hates the Snow Kaouther Ben Hania Tunisia Focus Tunisie focus-tunisie
War and Games Karin Jurschick Germany VdR–Pitching vdr-pitching
Amexica Luc Peter & Stéphanie Barbey Switzerland VdR–Work in Progress vdr-work-in-progress
Demon Dancer Shane Bunnag Thailand VdR–Pitching vdr-pitching
California City Sofie Benoot, Liesbeth De Ceulaer & Isabelle Tollenaere Belgium, Netherlands VdR–Pitching vdr-pitching
The Noise of Trains Cristian Saldía Chile VdR–Work in Progress vdr-work-in-progress
Amateurs in Space Max Kestner Denmark VdR–Pitching vdr-pitching
A minute ago we were married Mia Halme Finland VdR–Pitching vdr-pitching
Alicia Alonso, An Absent Body Alicia Alonso & An Absent Body Switzerland VdR–Rough Cut Lab vdr-rough-cut-lab
The Chimpanzee Complex Marc Schmidt Netherlands, Switzerland VdR–Work in Progress vdr-work-in-progress
Tunisia Clash Hind Meddeb Tunisia, France Focus Tunisie focus-tunisie
Preacher Man Thomas Haley France VdR–Pitching vdr-pitching
No Addressee Okhapkina Xenia Switzerland, Russia, Estonia VdR–Pitching vdr-pitching
The Land of the Enlightened Pieter-Jan De Pue Belgium VdR–Work in Progress vdr-work-in-progress
The Turquoise Hill Ricardo Íscar Spain VdR–Pitching vdr-pitching
Resurrection Eugenio Polgovsky Mexico VdR–Pitching vdr-pitching
Aquarius Charlie Petersmann Switzerland VdR–Pitching vdr-pitching
Jonas and the Circus without Tent Paula Gomes Brazil VdR–Rough Cut Lab vdr-rough-cut-lab
Urwälder Nina Bendzko Colombia, Spain VdR–Work in Progress vdr-work-in-progress
Beautiful and Lost Pietro Marcello Italy VdR–Work in Progress vdr-work-in-progress
Posessed by Djinn Dalia Al-Kury Germany, Jordan VdR–Pitching vdr-pitching
Sea is my Country Picavez Marc France VdR–Pitching vdr-pitching
The Factory and Me Sarra Labidi Tunisia Focus Tunisie focus-tunisie
The Marvelous Spiral Massimo D'Anolfi & Martina Parenti Italy VdR–Pitching vdr-pitching
Ghost hunting Raed Andoni France, Palestine VdR–Pitching vdr-pitching
The Normal Way Erige Sehiri Tunisia, France Focus Tunisie focus-tunisie
Ama-San Claudia Varejão Portugal VdR–Pitching vdr-pitching
Dawson City: Frozen Time Bill Morrison United States VdR–Pitching vdr-pitching
Just about to take off Lorena Best & Robinson Díaz Peru VdR–Rough Cut Lab vdr-rough-cut-lab
I Am an Atheist Hamza Ouni Tunisia Focus Tunisie focus-tunisie
Monk of the Sea Rafal Skalski Poland, Germany VdR–Rough Cut Lab vdr-rough-cut-lab