La memoria de los huesos (Argentina)

The memory of the bones

La memoria de los huesos

  • Victoria Nardone


Hundreds of the victims’ relatives cling to hope by placing their trust in the EAAF “Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team”, which —for 30 years now— has been recovering and identifying the remains of disappeared people in Argentina and in more than thirty countries. This quest cannot be put at an end but by giving back the remains to the relatives, so they may try to close some open wounds. The Memory of the Bones tells the story of this quest from two viewpoints. One offered by the relatives of the forced disappearance victims, filled with the longing to find the lost remains. The other one is provided by the members of the forensic anthropology team and their 30-year-quest to find the victims of forced disappearances of all around the world and give them identity. Throughout the years, the EAAF has positioned itself as a top option in their field, and they now work in more than thirty countries. But you do not always find what you seek.
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Durée: 80'
Autre durée: 56'
Pays: Argentine
Année: 2016
Langue(s): Espagnol
Premiere status (in January 2017) : International Premiere
Edition VdR : 2017


Victoria Nardone – Roccomotion
Facundo Beraudi

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Victoria Nardone
Tél. +5491140795054


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Film disponible sur la Media Library, du 21 avril au 29 juillet 2017, pour les accrédités DOCM.