The Children of the Noon (Austria,Italy,United States,Kenya)

The Children of the Noon

The Children of the Noon

  • Diego Fiori, Olga Pohankova


The Children of the Noon deals with the universal subject of life. The time passes marked out by daily activities for the group of children and teenagers in the orphanage in Nchiru, the small Kenyan village. Soon emerges how orphan condition and genteel poverty they share are not the only problems that unite them and determine their days. A sudden death of one of them breaks the narrative rhythm and changes all points of view intertwining a dense web of pains and joys, friendships and hopes. (broadcast version: 57'. Versions with subtitles in French, English, Italian, German)
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Durée: 107'
Autre durée: 82'
Pays: Autriche, Italie, États-Unis, Kenya
Année: 2016
Langue(s): Swahili, Anglais
Premiere status (in January 2017) : European Premiere
Edition VdR : 2017


Diego Fiori – Philosophische GEBILDE
Vittoria Quondamatteo – AINA ONLUS

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Diego Fiori
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Film disponible sur la Media Library, du 21 avril au 29 juillet 2017, pour les accrédités DOCM.