Garatujas, Badamecos e Outros Monstros (Brazil)

Scribbles, Doodles and other Monsters

Garatujas, Badamecos e Outros Monstros

  • João Castelo Branco, Elisabeth Maria Moreschi


In a preschool class at the outskirts of the city, children of four and five years-old draw and paint. They show us the importance of the trace, of the color composition and the act of drawing and painting itself. Act that follows the path of make believe and plays an important role in the meaning-making process, in a spontaneous art work process. The drawings and paintings also bring up the monsters that live within the deep shadows in each of us.
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Durée: 73'
Pays: Brésil
Année: 2017
Langue(s): Portugais
Premiere status (in January 2017): World Premiere
Edition VdR: 2017


Talita David Luiz– FIlmes de Perto
João Castelo Branco Machado– Filmes de Perto

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João Castelo Branco Machado
Filmes de Perto
Tél. +5541988233009


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Film disponible sur la Media Library, du 21 avril au 29 juillet 2017, pour les accrédités DOCM.