Media Library Terms & Conditions – Edition 2017

Media Library

The Media Library puts the spotlight on approx. 380 new European and international documentaries, creative works from the fascinating diversity of the cinéma du réel. The Media Library is a selective online catalogue and contains:

The official selection of the Festival and of the DOCM are featured in the market online catalogue. The Media Library will be available during the Festival and for 3 months in total on our online plateform. In addition, its online catalogue will be put online two weeks before the start of the Festival on Visions du Réel's website.


The Media Library 2017 will be accessible both on-site and online.

On-site: 30 posts will be available with an interactive film display system which offers the possibility to watch films and obtain information as well as getting in contact with right holders. 

During the Festival (21.04.-29.04.2017) the Media Library on-site is open from 14.00 to 20.00 on Friday (21.04), from 9.00 to 20.00 from Saturday to Thursday and from 9.00 to 17.00 on Friday (28.04).

Online: films in the Media Library will be available for viewing online for accredited professionals via an authentication login (see Conditions of Use below) during 3 months for professionals with a DOCM accreditation, and 2 weeks for Press-accredited media professionals.

Conditions of Use

Film entry

Steps & Material

If a film is selected for the Media Library, the following steps must be completed before the deadline announced in the correspondence:

1. Fill in the form: the information and visual material provided (see Media Library Form) will be used for the compilation of the Media Library online catalogue. Please note that the film registration for the Festival is also valid for the Media Library, there is no need to register a film twice, but just to udpate the data. 

We will gladly assist you in promoting your films to professionals attending the DOCM, if you wish. To do so, please make available:

Promotional material is sent at the participant's cost and should arrive before the end of March 2017.

The best way to promote your film is to take part in the Festival, that's why we offer you a special rate for the DOCM accreditation (CHF 50.- instead of CHF 70.-), if your film is part of the Media Library.

2. The participation fee must be payed if applicable (see Terms of Payment below).

3. DVDs or digital files of the final international version of the film must be sent to us. Please note that if your film is not in English, you have to integrate English subtitles.

4. Screener: For the DVDs, cost of insurance and shipping will be paid by the sender, including the fees of forwarding agents and costs relating to customs import and export duties.
 DVDs will only be returned upon request by the sender. They are destroyed six months after the end of the Festival.
 Important: For DVDs coming from abroad, please write the following on the parcel: «No commercial value. For cultural purposes only».
 The value mentioned on the customs documents must not exceed €10.Please send two DVDs. If you wish Visions du Réel to digitise the first set of DVDs sent for the pre-selection, please state so. See below for digitising advice.

Technical specifications

For digital files: Please provide a downloadable, password protected link, via the submission form or by email, of the original and completed version of your film with English subtitles only.

For best encoding results we recommend: .mp(e)g file format with MPEG 2 video codec or H.264/MPEG-4 codec for best quality.

Screens located in the Festival will be showing trailers of the Media Library films. Note that the sound may not be audible; the titles and credits must be embedded in the image; there must be no text in the 70 pixels of the upper part as this strip will be used by the Festival.

All material is to be sent to the following address:

Media Library Visions du Réel 
Doc Outlook – International Market 

Place du Marché 2 
CH – 1260 Nyon


The films that will be part of the Media Library will be digitised and/or processed by Visions du Réel's technical staff. To ensure the best quality of images and sound, we ask you to check the following:

Terms of Payment

Once you have received information on the selection of your film(s) for the Media Library, you will have to confirm the submission by paying CHF 120 (plus 8% VAT) per film.

Special rates apply as of three films or if you are a Festival Partner with regional selection.Rates

If a film happens to be selected for the Festival then the Media Library fee will be waived.


Sabrina Martinez
+41 22 365 44 55
Visions du Réel
Doc Outlook – International Market 

Place du Marché 2
CH – 1260 Nyon

Participation in DOCM Media Library implies full acceptance of these pre-required conditions

February 2017