Isn’t every social media user already publishing every day? What does it mean today to publish a critical review of a film? How many people still read print magazine? How many people still read long texts, even on internet platforms? It is almost impossible to publish in the digital era without at least considering these multimedia and cross-media dimensions.

If we want to use the resources that digital publishing has to offer, we must rethink the form of moving image reviews to include audio and video media as well, not only text. This means learning new languages, learning about new forms of communication and creating a more complex content which can better approach films as an object of discussion. The film review becomes an expanded experience of the film. If we wish to keep our content active, to make sure it is seen over time, we should use more than one outlet for our content: digital outlets (social media, shared content, etc.) and physical outlets (festival and cinema discussions). Furthermore, the biggest challenge in the digital era will be to use these outlets together, as an ensemble, in order to defend our long, in-depth content, wherever it may appear. One content, several outlets: this is the very definition of cross-media.

True to their “avant-garde” identity, Filmexplorer and Visions du Réel are collaborating with Cinébulletin in order to foster an open discussion on the subject. With the help of experienced professionals, this discussion aims to bring an urgent reflection on digital publishing to light. In a world where moving images are in hyperproduction, the critical reception and discussions of films is more important than ever. 


Johannes Binotto
Cultural and media scientist, Filmbulletin / extended editorial, RISS (CH)

Ekkehard Knörer
Cultural scientist and film critic / Co-editor, Cargo magazine / Co-editor, Merkur Magazine (DE)

Nadin Mai
Founder - the Art of Slow Cinema platform / Tao Films VoD platform (FR)

Guiseppe Di Salvatore
Philosopher, co-founder & co-editor from Filmexplorer (CH)


Pascaline Sordet
Co-editor in chief, Cinébulletin (CH)