Docs in Progress Terms & Conditions – Edition 2020

Docs in Progress

Docs in Progress, as part of Visions du Réel Industry, presents around eight films at their finishing stage. After an online pitch preparation for the introduction, the visual material is screened in Nyon to film professionals exclusively (festival representatives, funds supporting post-production, post-production facilities, distributors, TV buyers, etc.) attending Visions du Réel. A networking coffee and pre-arranged individual meetings will follow the presentations.

The aim of this activity is to allow the projects’ holders to find the right partners to go into and/or finalize post-production, to look for distribution, festivals, sales, TVs, etc.

There is no registration or participation fee for this activity.

Selection criteria

We are looking for singular and original films, that combine artistic ambition and high visual quality. We are interested in presenting a wide spectrum of practices and approaches.

·       The projects should be intended as creative documentaries with theatrical potential on international markets and should address an international audience.

·       They may be the work of an experienced or emerging director, based anywhere in the world.

·       Projects must be presented for the first time at their current stage.


Docs in Progress will take place during the Festival Visions du Réel on Monday 27 April 2020 (TBC).

Each film crew will introduce the film with a short pitch: starting with an introduction to the film, the teams will announce which scenes are going to be shown. Ideally, these short excerpts should be as representative as possible of the whole film. Then it will be explained which stage the film project has reached, what still needs to be done and what the team is currently looking for. Afterwards, some further visual material will be screened, followed by a few questions by the moderator. 

After the presentation of all the projects one-on-one meetings will take place, pre-arranged with   professionals (festivals, distributors, buyers, etc.) as well as with marketing and distribution experts.

The selected projects will be published and the catalogue sent by e-mail to film professionals before the Festival. During the Festival, the information will be available in printed form.

A list of professionals attending the Festival will be available before the Festival.

How to apply?

Please submit your project online in English. Longer texts such as treatment etc. may be sent in French, Spanish, but English is preferable. Please, send us a protected link to view the visual material (preferably) online. Please, provide the whole rough cut if possible, or an excerpt of at least 30 minutes.

There is no registration or participation fee for this activity. However, travel, hotel and meals have to be covered by the teams. We are glad to assist you on the logistics. 

The selected projects will get two free Industry accreditations and additional accreditations at a reduced fee (allowing access to all film screenings at the festival and the Media Library online as well as most Industry networking and training activities - some may require a personal invitation).

Application Deadline

The registration online form must be completed and the visual material uploaded by:

  • Deadline no. 1: 15 November 2019
  • Deadline no. 2: 15 December 2019

The first deadline will lead to the selection of a first group of projects. We encourage you to apply as soon as you are ready in order to have more chance of a selection. 

The last selected projects will be notified in February 2020.

Visions du Réel requires the VdR logo to be taken up in the credits of the film once finalized. The following sentence should be mentioned in the credit list: “[film title] has been presented at Docs in Progress 2020 at Visions du Réel, International Film Festival Nyon”

Contact & Information

Gudula Meinzolt, Co-Head of Industry,, Tel. : +41 22 365 44 55

Participation in the section Docs in Progress implies acceptance of these regulations. 

The organisers reserve the right to change the rules and regulations or processes at any time and without notification.

Nyon, 12.09.2019