Moving images are by now the dominant form of cultural narration and communication in our world, both in people’s everyday lives and in the artistic field. artists’ moving image (AMI) has become a blooming territory from which new narratives and critical positions towards mainstream audiovisual culture are brought forward. However, this language uses economies, critical apparatuses, durations, technical equipment, narratives, professionals and methodologies that are different from the ones used in the cinema industry or in the art market. 

Roundtable: Production of artists' moving image projects

An exchange of experiences on the differences and similarities between production and distribution in the field of artists’ moving image and cinema, educational or institutional contexts. Four producers will contribute to a broader understanding of the way artists’ moving image is produced. What are the institutions and potential partners to collaborate with throughout the whole process? How to combine funding and distribution opportunities from both the film industry and the contemporary art scene?

Artists' Work Session

The Artists’ Work Session is an industry event for artists, producers and other professionals from both the visual arts and film context to come together and work on the development of artists’ moving image projects. Two artists and their producer /curator have one hour to convene with a table of 5-6 industry professionals, which may include curators, freelance or institution based; representatives of museums or galleries; private collectors; representatives of foundations; grants representatives; cinema producers; film funds administrators; programmers, freelance or institution based; residency organizers, and so forth.

by Rossella Biscotti
Belgium, UK – Katrien Reist

by Margaret Salmon
UK – Dominic Paterson

Où et quand?


Ve 12 Avril - 11:00-12:30

Industry (la Mobilière) - Screening Room 1
En anglais | Ouvert au public 

Artists' Work Session

Ve 12 Avril - 14:00-16:45

Industry (la Mobilière) - Screening Room 2
En anglais | Sur invitation 


Corinne Castel
Producer, Les Volcans (FR)

Marie Logie
Producer, Auguste Orts (BE) 

Dominic Paterson
Curator of Hunterian Art Gallery, University of Glasgow (UK)

Katrein Reist
Producer, arp: (BE, UK)


Adam Pugh
Curator of artists' film, Tyneside Cinema (UK)


by Rossella Biscotti
Belgium, UK | 90’
Produced by Katrien Reist

The film subtly narrates a story about the archaeological site of Çatalhöyük in Turkey. The Neolithic settlement founded here 9,000 years ago is regarded as one of the first urban centres of the world. Over the course of several years, the artist spent time on site and documented the working and living community during the excavations. In a multi-layered audio and video montage, containing both Biscotti’s own footage and archive material of the archeological project, the artist weaves together a narrative that links the structure and the way of life of a very early form of society to the contemporary community at this archeological site. The timelessness of the narration is abruptly interrupted by the sudden closure of the excavation site after the attempted military coup in Turkey in 2016. It brings us back to the here and now, highlighting the power relations that determine social structures and forms of community.



by Margaret Salmon
UK | 90’
Produced by Dominic Paterson

Written, directed and filmed by Margaret Salmon, the project is an independent feature-length artist’s film shot on location across the city of Glasgow. It builds upon Salmon’s interest in intuitive, underground approaches to artist’s film production, analogue experimentation and feminist storytelling. To a God Unknown is a speculative narrative - blending observational realism with existential fantasy. Its heroine, X, is a British, middle-aged, single mother with 2 children. Suspended within a poverty of care and urban isolation, our heroine’s visions – analogue ghosts made as in camera double-exposures - personify an imaginative resistance to dominant social orders. Orders which dictate gendered behaviour, class determinisms, emotional suppressions and, in X’s story, criminal abuse. These spirits caress, celebrate and sooth; they eventually lead X to empowerment and rebirth.






A collaboration with On & For Production and Distribution, a European cooperative project that is conceived to advance and strengthen the field of artists’ moving image. On & For is initiated by Auguste Orts (BE). In collaboration with Kaunas International Film Festival (LT), LUX/LUX Scotland (UK), and Nordland Kunst- og Filmfagskole (NO). With the support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.