Rendez-vous #4 — Dimanche 26 avril

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1001 archives: Images to be watched again and again


Mirabelle Fréville
(La Bobine 11004)

Nuria Giménez
(My Mexican Bretzel)

Luciana Mazeto, Vinícius Lopes
(The Eyes in the Woods and the Taste in the Water)

Valentin Noujaïm
(The Blue Star)

Perla Sardella
(Le Grand viveur)

Tomasz Wolski
(An Ordinary Country)


Giona Nazzaro (Visions du Réel)


The world has a history of images. Images recorded and more often than not forgotten or simply shelved. But there are also invisible and yet no less meaningful stories. All these images become - sometimes -  the texture of other images. And while we try to engage a conversation with these images, a parallel one springs forth. A re-evaluation of the past, of the people that took them, but also a new questioning - in the present tense - about the meaning itself of bringing them to light now. Hence, a manifold political and esthetical conversation begins: "what are we going to do today with all these images from the past, archives, at times forgotten in some family chest of drawers?" Let's try to find out together.

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