Rendez-vous #3 — Vendredi 24 avril

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Groups fighting: the resistances of the collective


Maddi Barber
(Land Underwater)

Alexandra Dalsbaek
(We Are Russia)

Trish McAdam
(Outcry and Whisper)

Daphne Xu
(A Thousand-Year Stage)

Daria Yurkevich
(Invisible Paradise)


Emmanuel Chicon 
(Visions du Réel)

“The visual (which is the essence of television) is the performance that a single camp shows of itself whereas the image (which was the horizon of film) is what is born from an encounter with the other, even if it was the enemy” (Serge Daney). While the traditional media, to which the majority of social media should now be added, represent the individual confronted by a selective mass of information (in other words, a falsely objective reality) with which they are bombarded daily, a field of documentary film continues to seek here and elsewhere what connects individuals to each other, determines their commitment, their resistance to what is presented to them as inevitable. In the face of contemporary ultra-individualism, how can we still illustrate the encounter of a plural other? How, and by asking which questions, can documentary filmmakers now successfully film human groups whose subjective action can “inform”—in the sense of shape—the collective dimension of our existence?

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