Visions du Réel - International Film Festival

First highlights


Pré-ouverture, Thursday 4 April (free admission)
When Tomatoes Met Wagner, by Marianna Economou, Swiss premiere

Courtesy of the Ville de Nyon and Visions du Réel, the Pre-opening is the opportunity to celebrate the kick-off of the 50th edition. In a small village in the centre of Greece, two cousins form a company to sell prepared meals cooked from organic tomatoes, with the help of a group of grandmothers and the music of Wagner. The success will be international!

Thursday 4 April, 19:30, Théâtre de Marens. Second screening on the same day at 20:00, Grande Salle (Salle Communale). Free admission, subject to seat availability. Ticket booking mandatory as of 11 March on
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5 years in Gland: Opening in Gland, Saturday 6 April, 19:30, Théâtre de Grand-Champ
Buddy by Heddy Honigmann, Swiss premiere

A deep and sensitive exploration of the bond that can form between humans and animals through the portraits of six assistance dogs and their respective masters. They are visually impaired, in a wheelchair, suffering from autism or post-traumatic stress. Through their unique stories, the film presents a homage to the devotion of these animals and the fighting spirit of their masters.

A film about tenderness and solidarity by a great filmmaker, to open the programme in Gland. This will mark the fifth consecutive year of collaboration between the Ville de Gland and Visions du Réel.
Tickets available as of 11 March on Trailer >


Party Party every night at the Village du Réel (free admission)
Festival goers will be able to have a drink and celebrate to the DJ sets, karaoke and concerts being held every night of the Festival. Free admission, organised in collaboration with La Parenthèse.

Special event as a coproduction with the Usine à Gaz: an exclusive concert at the Temple de Nyon on Tuesday 9 April by Fitzcarraldo, a music band from Nyon, whose members are great fans of the filmmaker Werner Herzog, Maître du Réel 2019.

The PARTY PARTY programme >


New infrastructure and call for local support
In order to improve the hospitality for the festival-goers (40'000 entries in 2018, +94% since 2011), Visions du Réel gets a new look, with an additional temporary construction at the Village du Réel: the Forum. This new place, a high and transparent structure that is made of Swiss wood, respects the sustainable development goals. Its creation was entrusted to architect Giona Bierens de Haan.

This 50th edition being a very important milestone, Visions du Réel is calling for support. Local businesses are invited to buy one of the Forum's beams, whereas private individuals and institutions are invited to symbolically "adopt" one or more cinema chairs >

Filmmakers, industry representatives, journalists as well as representatives of other festivals: you are now welcome to apply for your accreditation! >

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