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Daily news: Tuesday 9 April

A Masterclass given by a cutting-edge duo of filmmakers with a clear vision of the world. D’Anolfi and Parenti singlehandedly reshaped the notion of documentary while leading the new wave of Italian cinema of the 2000s.

Masterclass moderated by Giona A. Nazzaro (Member of the Festival’s Selection Committee).
In English, with simultaneous translation into French.

• Masterclass: Wednesday 10 April 10:00, Colombière

Atelier Massimo D'Anolfi & Martina Parenti: all the films >


Contemporary documentary filmmaking through a selection of original and 21 singular medium length and 17 short films.

A huge film fan, Kim Jong Il wrote a treatise on filmmaking, when he was still only Secretary of the Party, responsible for propaganda. ON THE ART OF SET DESIGN by Jan Ijäs is composed of images taken during a sightseeing tour of the country. This short film is followed by the medium length film GOD by Christopher Murray, Israel Pimentel and Josefina Buschmann, with the visit of Pope Francis in Chile. His fervent admirers are confronted with the claims of anti-abortion, LGBT and indigenous collectives. 

In THE SHERIFF by Samuel Moreno Alvarez, Fernando must bear the heavy load of enforcing the law in his small town in Columbia, summoning the accused, testifying in court or administering whippings as punishment. However, the responsibilities of these duties are not at all compatible with his life... Followed by the medium length film shot in China TRANSIT CIRCLE by Stephan Knauss, a film with a sensual and sensorial approach, on both the beauty and alienation one can feel in urban environments.

In Indonesia, an open landfill site serves as a pasture for herds of cows in DIARY OF CATTLE by Lidia Afrilita and David Darmadi, a nightmarish decor in which bovines eat, play, sleep and die. Followed by the medium length film CAMP ON THE WIND'S ROAD by Natasha Kharlamova, in the Russian taiga, on the border with Mongolia. Belekmaa has returned to the family encampment after her father died.


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