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Daily news: Sunday 7 April


Werner Herzog is in town! The filmmaker will be awarded with the Sesterce d'or Prix Raiffeisen Maître du Réel on Monday evening. And Tuesday afternoon, he will give a Masterclass in discussion with Lionel Baier, Head of the Film Department at ECAL and filmmaker, and Emilie Bujès, Artistic Director of Visions du Réel, while a selection of his films is part of the Festival’s programme. Welcome in Nyon!

Werner Herzog's films screened at Visions du Réel


A non-competitive section that aims to reveal a panorama of current documentary practices.

WHERE WE BELONG gives the floor to children with parents who separated, KHARTOUM OFFSIDE or the passion of feminine football in Sudan, in a all-male world ruled by Sharia law, GREAT EXPECTATIONS follows the Aviron Bayonnais rugby team who is having a streak, HONEYLAND is a magnificent portrait of an extraordinary woman, TRANSNISTRA follows a group of teenagers in a region where the shadow of Soviet legacy looms large, whereas high school students question the political discourses of the 20th century in OUR DEFEATS. And in A DOG CALLED MONEY, the famous British singer-songwriter PJ Harvey seeks out inspiration in Afghanistan, Kosovo and Washington.

Section Latitudes: all the films during the Festival

A DOG CALLED MONEY, Seamus Murphy (Swiss premiere)
• GREAT EXPECTATIONS, Delphine Gleize (International premiere)
HONEYLAND, Ljubomir Stefanov & Tamara Kotevska (European premiere)
• KHARTOUM OFFSIDE, Marwa Zein (Swiss premiere)
LAST NIGHT I SAW YOU SMILING, Kavich Neang (Swiss premiere)
NOFINOFY, Michaël Andrianaly (Swiss premiere)
• NOTES FOR A HEIST FILM, León Siminiani (International premiere)
• OUR DEFEATS, Jean-Gabriel Périot (Swiss premiere)
• TRANSNISTRA, Anna Eborn (Swiss premiere)
WHERE WE BELONG, Jacqueline Zünd (Swiss premiere)



Party Party | Free admission
Every night during the Festival, it's Party Party at the Festival with DJs and concerts.
Party Party programme

Sunday 7 April
As of 22:00, Bar – Village du Réel
HAPAX 21 (House/Funk/Disco)

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