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Daily news: Saturday 6 April

Welcome to our "Daily news" mailing. Every day during the Festival, here are a few must-see must-do suggestions, among the 169 films and the numerous Industry activities for audiovisual professionals, including many conferences that are also open to the public. Enjoy the Festival!


Spotlight on the International Feature Film Competition and its 15 films with our mashup video. Films screened this weekend: CENTURY OF SMOKE brings us to a community in Northern Laos that lives and dies from the cultivation of opium, THAT WHICH DOES NOT KILL depicts the destructive impact of rape, DREAMS FROM THE OUTBACK meets Australian Aborigines who fight to forget or to bring their culture back to life, PASSION – BETWEEN REVOLT AND RESIGNATION is a direct look at the contradictions of the contemporary capitalist jungle, and LA VIDA EN COMÚN follows an indigenous society in Argentina that perpetuates the traditional rite of hunting as a transition to adulthood.

Feature Film Competition: all the films screened at the Festival

• AETHER, Rûken Tekeş (World Premiere)
• CENTURY OF SMOKE, Nicolas Graux (World Premiere)
• DREAMS FROM THE OUTBACK, Jannik Splidsboel (World Premiere)
• HEIMAT IS A SPACE IN TIME, Thomas Heise (International Premiere)
• KIRUNA – A BRAND NEW WORLD, Greta Stocklassa (World Premiere)
• LA VIDA EN COMÚN, Ezequiel Yanco (World Premiere)
• NORIE, Yuki Kawamura (World Premiere)
• OUT OF PLACE, Friederike Güssefeld (World Premiere)
• PAHOKEE, Ivete Lucas & Patrick Bresnan (International Premiere)
• PASSION – BETWEEN REVOLT AND RESIGNATION, Christian Labhart (World Premiere)
• SOIL WITHOUT LAND, Nontawat Numbenchapol (World Premiere)
• THAT WHICH DOES NOT KILL, Alexe Poukine (World Premiere)
• THE WIND. A DOCUMENTARY THRILLER, Michał Bielawski (World Premiere)
• THOSE WHO REMAIN, Ester Sparatore (World Premiere)
• WHEN THE PERSIMMONS GREW, Hilal Baydarov (World Premiere)



Party Party | Free admission
Every night during the Festival, it's Party Party at the Festival with DJs and concerts.
Party Party programme

Saturday 6 April
As of 22:00, Bar – Village du Réel

After the screenings at the Théâtre de Grand-Champ, Gland
MUSIC LOVERS (Jazz/Chanson/Variété)

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