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Programme 2018: New territories


New territories

The 2018 programme puts the emphasis on the exploration of new territories. Geographical territories, first, thanks to 174 films from 53 countries.

New temporal territories, with a piercing look at today's world via 78 world premieres, 23 international premieres, two European premieres and 42 Swiss premieres, as well as debates with filmmakers during the Festival – 139 filmmakers are invited to Nyon to present their films to the public.

New artistic territories finally, highlighted in the Festival’s new sections, which take an interest in current and innovative forms of documentary filmmaking: Burning Lights that explores new vocabularies and forms of writing; Latitudes (non-competitive) that offers a space with greater freedom in terms of the programming and a panorama of current productions.

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Opening Ceremony
Friday 13 April 2018, 19:30
The film presented during the Opening Ceremony, Of Fathers and Sons, is an unprecedented and courageous immersion in the day-to-day family life of one of the founders of an Al-Qaeda branch in Syria determined to impose Sharia law. Federal Councillor Simonetta Sommaruga will launch the festivities during the official Opening Ceremony on Friday 13 April at 19:30 at the Théâtre de Marens, in Nyon. 

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Section Grand Angle: 10 films that will mark the coming year

Grand Angle proposes fascinating films that will be screened throughout the Festival, from 13 to 21 April 2018. The Pré-ouverture film (12 April), Anote's Ark, is part of this selection competing for the Prix du Public. Silvana follows a Swedish hip hop artist whose music is driven by a committed feminist discourse. When Arabs Danced uses hope to question the many facets of Arab culture, specifically the place of dance. In the sporting vein, Time Trial recounts the last race and decline of British Tour de France champion David Miller, while Over the Limit follows a young Russian athlete's harsh preparation for the Olympic Games. Sensitive and completely unprecedented perspectives in very closed circles: Of Fathers And Sons films without complacency the daily life of Syrian fathers and sons determined to impose Sharia on their peers; Golden Dawn Girls scrutinises from the inside the role of women in a Greek extreme-right party. To Be Continued and Happy Winter observe Latvian respectively Italian society with great humanism. The Prix du Public winner in 2015 (with My Love Don't Cross That River), the director of Old Marine Boy continues to explore contemporary Korea and invites us into the home of a family with an extraordinary destiny.

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VdR On Tour Nyon: Nothingwood
Monday 26 March 2018, 20:30
In Sonia Kronlund’s fascinating behind-the-scenes documentary Nothingwood, we are introduced to the life and work of Salim Shaheen, an Afghan actor/director/jack-of-all-trades who may be the most prolific filmmaker Afghanistans, if not the entire world. Win tickets! >

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