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Daily news: Wednesday 18 April

Welcome to our "Daily news" Festival mailing. Here are a few must-see must-do suggestions, among the 174 films and the numerous Industry activities for audiovisual professionals, including many conferences that are also open to the public. Here are our top picks for Wednesday 18 April. Enjoy the films!

Atelier | Robert Greene

Do not miss the Masterclass given by Robert Greene, one of the most significant and avant-garde directors of the emerging scene in the United States, whose work has redefined the frontiers of traditional documentary filmmaking. In discussion with Giona A. Nazzaro, member of the Festival's selection committee.
Robert Greene's films upcoming screenings, in the presence of the filmmaker: Actress (18.04 18:30), Kate Plays Christine (19.04 10:00) and Bisbee'17 (19.04 13:45).

• Masterclass Robert Greene Wednesday 18 April 10:00, Usine à Gaz >
in English, with simultaneous French translation
Atelier Robert Greene: all films >


InsideRisk - Shadows of Medellin
A new experiment: the film recounts a kidnapping in Colombia. The images stop and the dialogue takes place with the filmmaker. The choices, questions and emotions of the audience are experienced live.
• Wednesday 18.04 18:30, Salle Colombière >

Projections Spéciales: all films >


aw • rah • nyoosh
, Ben Neufeld – World premiere

How can one hope to recover a story from a distant past? Ben Neufeld interviews his father about the diary that his grandmother wrote while detained in a Nazi labour camp during WWII. He proposes an audacious real-life situation in order to imagine what their choices could or would have been if they had to endure the same ordeal... 
• Wednesday 18.04 16:15, Grande Salle (Salle Communale) | in the presence of the filmmaker >
• Thursday 19.04 21:00, Salle Colombière >

Burning Lights Competition: all films >
Mashup video >


Going South
, Dominic Gagnon – World premiere

With the same frenzied pace as the videos published on YouTube, Going South is a reflection of our civilisation 2.0: intoxicated intimate outpourings, sexual tourism, climate disruption and migrations. It is all there, the entirety of modern man’s empty existence on the web… Dominic Gagnon, surfing the Internet, creates this fantasised South in a heady montage.
• Wednesday 18.04 20:45, Grande Salle (Salle Communale) | in the presence of the filmmaker >
• Thursday 19.04 12:15, Grande Salle (Salle Communale) >

International Feature Film Competition: all films >
Mashup video >


Party Party! | Every night, free admission
Every night during the Festival, get together at our evening parties (DJs and concerts) to have a drink and fill the dance floor!
Wednesday 18.04 as of 22:00 at Bar du Réel | Karaoke time by Amal / DJ Maho (Groove)
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