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7 days to go before Visions du Réel


7 days to go before Visions du Réel!
The two Pre-opening screenings of 12 April, with the film Anote's Ark by Matthieu Rytz, are already sold out. Great news: we have opened a third screening the same evening at 20:30, Salle Colombière (free admission). And the Opening Ceremony on Friday 13 April, with Of Fathers and Sons by Talal Derki, is sold out as well, but there are tickets left for the second screening at 20:30, Grande Salle (Salle Communale). Book your tickets now!

In addition to the 174 films screened from 13 to 21 April, Visions du Réel Industry unveils its 2018 activities, with a large conference programme and numerous networking opportunities, a discussion on contemporary Serbian documentary cinema during the Focus Talk, as well as a coproduction meeting between the Wallonia Brussels Federation and Switzerland.

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Networking & Training
With a wide range of activities, Visions du Réel Industry offers various networking and training opportunities: Producers’ Soup, Magic Hour, Industry Rendez-vous, Meet the Festivals, Meet the Distributors. 
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Doc Think Tank: Exchange & Discussion
This platform for discussions on the current situation and future developments of the audiovisual market will present production practices, distribution and new business models, as well as the challenges of music creation in documentaries.
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New Media Use & Documentary Film
Sunday 15.04 10:30-13:30, Salle Colombière
Free admission, open to the public | In German and English

Filming Otherness
Monday 16.04 10:00-11:30, Salle Colombière
Free admission, open to the public | In English

Social Media campaigns for Films
Tuesday 17.04 17:30-18:30, Colombière Industry Lab 2
Open to all accredited guests | In English

Creative Networking: Music and Sound in Documentaries
Wednesday 18.04 10:30-12:30, Salle Colombière
Free admission, open to the public | In German and French

Stir it up! New Ideas on Flexible Distribution Models
Wednesday 18.04 16:00-17:30, Colombière Industry Lab 2
Open to all accredited guests | In English


Focus Talk
Via discussions and the case study of the film Depth Two by Ognjen Glavonić our Serbian guests (directors, producers, film institutions) will explore the Serbian contemporary documentary landscape as well as the current (co)production and funding situation. Learn more >
Monday 16.04 16:30-18:30, Salle Colombière
Free admission, open to the public | In English

Focus Serbia Pitch - project presentations 
Tuesday 17.04 9:30-10:45, Salle Colombière
Free admission, open to the public | In English

Image: DEPTH TWO, Ognjen Glavonić


Wallonia Brussels Federation Meets Switzerland

This meeting will encourage networking, collaborations and coproductions within the existing co-production agreement. An exchange of expertise and experiences. Learn more >

Thursday 19.04 and Friday 20.04
Open to all accredited guests | In French and German


Beyond VR: Augmented/Mixed Reality and documentary creation.
Project presentations and Round Table discussion
After the boom of virtual reality, welcome to the world of mixed reality. Documentaries have always aimed at representing the real, but what happens when technology blurs the lines between physical and digital? Are holograms and AR headsets opening our eyes or making us slaves to the machine? Learn more >

Case Studies & Round Table
Sunday 15.04 14:30-17:30, Salle Colombière
Free admission, open to the public | In English

MR showcase of the project ELASTIC TIME, Mark Boulos / IMVERSE, CH (image)
Sunday 15.04 - 11:00-13:00 and 18:30-22:00, Restaurant du Réel
Free admission, open to the public


Festival Scope Pro
As every year, the members of Festival Scope Pro will be able to watch a selection of features films from the International Competition and from the Burning Lights Competition immediately after the end of the Festival, as of 21 April 2018. And for the first time, they will also find information on the Pitching du Réel projects and watch, for free, the previous works of the filmmakers until 31 July.

Pitching du Réel projects on Festival Scope Pro >



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