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Monday 27 February, 20:30 at the Cinémas Capitole in Nyon
The fight of young PKK guerilleras against the Islamic State, in the mountains and lowlands of Kurdistan.

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Watch the trailer of our next edition!

The trailer of the 48th edition of Visions du Réel is online! You can discover an extract of the film Coming of Age by Teboho Edkins, presented this year as part of the Focus South Africa.

Chris Marker retrospective on

The online documentary films platform Doc Alliance presents a retrospective of the French filmmaker Chris Marker's work. A selection of 7 films will be online as of 27 February: Sunday in Peking (1956), Letter from Siberia (1958), Description of a struggle (1960), La Jetée (1962), Junkopia (1981), Sans Soleil (1982) and Level Five (1996).

New website online as of 27 February:

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