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Wednesday 26 April: Jacopo Quadri is at the Festival!

Masterclass Gianfranco Rosi, held by Jacopo Quadri

Over a time-span of almost 25 years, Jacopo Quadri has edited all of Gianfranco Rosi's films. Quadri will hold Rosi's Masterclass at Visions du Réel and will share his experiences with the audience. A unique opportunity to meet one of the most talented and creative professional working in contemporary cinema today. In Italian, with simultaneous translation into French.

Wednesday 26 April 10:00, Usine à Gaz | Tickets >

Films from the Atelier Gianfranco Rosi >

Solar Impulse, the Impossible Round the World Mission | Projections spéciales

On board their plane, Solar Impulse 2, Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg have accomplished the exploit of going around the world using only solar energy. Solar Impulse, the Impossible Round the World Mission is the story of an extraordinary human and technological saga. Screening in the presence of André Borschberg.

Wednesday 26 April 21:30, Théâtre de Marens | Tickets and trailer >

Projections Spéciales section >

Ouaga Girls | Grand Angle

Ouaga Girls takes place in Ouagadougou, where a group of young girls are studying to become mechanics at the education centre for women. Here, together, they go through the period of transition that leads to the responsibilities of adulthood. Between engine oil and nail polish, joy and mutual support, they wonder about their place as women in a country experiencing great political change.

Wednesday 26 April 19:00, Théâtre de Marens | Thursday 27 April 20:30, Théâtre de Grand-Champ, Gland

Tickets and trailer >
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Web Series Doc

Come to the awards ceremony of the first edition of Web Series Doc, a writing and filmmaking competition (three episodes of three minutes each) that encourages 15 to 25 year olds to share their views of the elderly.
With the precious support of the Fondation Leenaards. Free admission.

Wednesday 26 April 14:00, Le Club, Village du Réel

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